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How 50 Shades has BDSM & Bondage trending?

The 50 Shades of Grey book and movie have completely changed the way people look, feel and think about sex. When they were released, each caused quite a stir due to its content, story and characters. The book alone broke every record imaginable having sold more than 100 million copies. The movie can also be seen as a hit since the first film alone grossed more than $570 million worldwide. For a movie that only cost $40 million to make, that is a substantial profit. All of the attention both received, are what has helped make bondage and other erotic sexual practices so popular.

The reality is that most people in mainstream society never really thought of bringing BDSM into their bedroom. For them, bondage sex was something generally seen in adult sites or in a few movies. However, the popularity behind 50 Shades has caused a dramatic spike in both BDSM and bondage. So much so that both genres have seen a huge increase in the attention they receive. Fact is that pornographic sites have had genres dealing with bondage for decades. Some would argue that bondage has been used with sex for centuries.

Still, it wasn’t until the book and movie that everything dealing with it has changed. Not only how popular it is, but how society as a whole views BDSM and bondage sexual acts. Most always thought of either as things done only by kinky or sex crazed individuals. But that has all transformed since so many couples are implementing these types of sex acts into their sexual fantasies. Moreover, they are bringing such acts into their bedroom and relationships.

Once society as whole begins to normalize or accept something as natural, that thinking affects other things. Before long, what was once deemed as offensive or vulgar, is suddenly normal and tolerable. But in some cases, it goes even further. Something becoming popular or trending causes a domino effect. People not only tolerate it, they begin to want to do it. Furthermore, not jumping in on the bandwagon may make them feel as if they are missing out.

Today, adult sites are experiencing higher than normal interactions when it comes to genres dealing with bondage, discipline, dominance and submission. Additionally, masochism and sadism adult content viewing have also been rising. And both data and past experience in such dramatic spikes have served as examples. That is to say that when individuals view a certain type of adult content, it is for several reasons. For one, they want to learn more about it, are curious or want to practice it. Either of which helps make the case as to why BDSM and other related sexual fantasies have been rising in the bedroom.

To further highlight this argument, one only needs to see what’s presently on TV, cable and movies when it comes to stories. Many of the programs today are including scenes involving some form of BDSM and sex bondage. This was unheard of only a few years ago. Yet thanks to the popularity of 50 Shades, it is becoming as American as apple pie!